1. Do you customise?

Yes, we do. If you like a style but want a different color or vice-versa, you can make an appointment with us under the Book your appointment section or get in touch with us on info@anjulbhandaricouture.com or through WhatsApp on +919910700830 and we will help customize an ensemble of your liking. We work around a pastel palette, but can customize on that as well.


2. Will I get the exact same ensemble as I see the image of?

Yes, if the ensemble is available. If not then you can order a new one, wherein the color, silhouette, highlighting embroidery will be exactly the same, but the chikankari motifs will differ. If you are very particular about getting the exact same ensemble then minimum time is 4-6 months.


3. Do you ship globally?

Yes, we do with an additional charge of INR 3,500. Duty not included, you will have to pay for that at your end.


4. Why is your Chikankari & Kamdani different?

All our hand embroideries are done by master craftsmen from Awadh & are of the highest quality. We mostly work in Do Taar Chikankari but make the exclusive Ek Taar Saree & Lehengas, which takes roughly 2-3 years to embroider.


5. What are the Highlights?

We work in Do Taar and Ek Taar Chikankari heritage hand embroidery from Awadh, that we create couture ensembles with by adding our distinct highlights.


Original Highlights- Crafting contemporary couture by highlighting our heritage Chikankari embroidery by highlighting it with hand embroidered Japanese baby pearl, baby mirrors and sequins. We started producing couture using these back in 2012 when we first started.


New Classic- Our heritage Chikankari embroidery is what couture dreams are made of highlighted with hand embroidered Japanese baby pearls, sequins and baby mirrors in soft pastel shades. Creating a burst of color that is subdued and elegant. Our Nayab-E-Zama collection is exclusively New Classic. You can also see beautiful sarees in these highlights in Ilaria.


Traditional Awadh- Creating magic by going back to our roots in Awadh. Mingling two heritage crafts from the area, our signature Chikankari is highlighted using Zardozi and Japanese gold beads. Tala-E-Daura is an exclusively Traditional Awadh collection.


6. What size chart do you follow?